Institution’s of Innovation Council (IIC) an great initiative from Ministry of Health Resources and Development (MHRD) contributed under the direct control of The Honorable Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. This initiative was kickstarted to find innovative solutions for complex problems that evolves around various industries from the young and enthusiastic mind of students.

Students of various institution in and around India those who are enriched in problem and solving and who have innovative ideas to solve complex problems are handpicked from their respective institution and are nominated to IIC.

IIC provides various problems of enormous organizations of India and students are allowed to pick any problem to find a innovative solution. I feel pride that Myself and my Colleague K. Ishaq Ahamed where we are the students of Jamal Mohamed College are handpicked and got an opportunity to be in part of IIC. We selected the problem at present what the farmers are facing., ie., Modern ways to build a farm. We build an Application named fARest with Arduino board and Augmented Reality for the betterment of farmers for innovative farming.

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