Innovation Expo

Participated a One- day Innovation Expo conducted by Jamal Mohamed College organized under the control of IIC and MHRD Council. An inter Collegiate Innovation Expo where multiple students have participated from various Departments where students exhibited their projects and Poc’s

Myself and My Partner Ishaq Ahamed got a opportunity to participate in that and we deployed a Project what we initiated for IIC Project. The project of us deployed on the Expo based on the Topic fARest a full-fledged User-friendly application for farmers for good farming. This was build with the help of Arduino Board and with Augmented Reality where Farmers can view their land format with the help of AR which is embedded with Arduino Board.

We secured a second place in this Innovation Expo . This Expo was organized based on the remembrance of the Birth day of Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

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